The Grab-Bag Music Review is an attempt to take the band-wagon effect out of reviewing. We have completely and randomly chosen an artist and their album from the radio charts, listened to it, and reviewed it. We hope that you, the reader, will use the College Radio Charts to find music the same way!

Disclaimer: The following review was not written by a music critic but instead by a person with a love for music, but an untrained ear. A perplexing critique is most likely what follows from a staff member of the College Radio Charts.


We’re back with another Grab-Bag Music Review! This week’s random snag was at the #101 spot on the Top 30 Weighted Chart. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Jordan Klassen just released the album “Repentance”. How this album hasn’t been picked up by a major label is almost baffling to me. Author bias: I need to be constantly titillated in order to entertained. That bias really helps me enjoy Jordan Klassen’s album simply because all 12 tracks (with the exception of a few) are extremely dynamic. Let’s break it down:

  • Best Way To Describe Jordan Klassen: Let’s say you were a fan of Edward Sharpe and Mumford and Sons before they both got relatively big. In your hipster rage, that they are making a living doing what they love and playing to more people, you turn on your college radio station and boom, Jordan Klassen is on. Immediately you are soothed and the nostalgia sets in for those lost days with your two favorite indie bands. Why? Because Jordan Klassen has made a record that combines the inviting, new-agey folk sounds that Edward Sharpe has crafted with the Mumford and Sons crescendo-or-die we’ve all come to love.
  • What Activity Would I Be Doing if Jordan Klassen Were My Soundtrack: Clearly I would be at a dinner party getting wine-drunk and stoned, debating in low-tones whether god could be a lamp or a white-bearded man in the sky. Someone of course would get belligerent on their wine rations. Alas! All of the party members subdue this angry party-goer and eventually he/she would break down and cry, admitting to the crowd that he/she still hasn’t gotten over the psychological damage done after being indoctrinated into a cult at a young age. We turn Jordan Klassen’s “Repentance” up louder and we silently mourn this loss of innocence.
  • Favorite Track: “The Horses Are Stuck” (#3) has to take the cake. Any song that says “Come undress me / I have prettied/readied (uncertain on exact lyric?) myself / with a ball and chain” and has awesome, distinct That-Thing-You-Do hand claps…well you got me hook/line/sinker. Watch the video:
  • Final Thoughts: If I ran a major label, I would sign the crap out of this kid. The only complaint I have is “May Is Blood Month” (#7). I was expecting some sort of metal interlude with a title like that and instead got an instrumental that was my least favorite track on the album. But seriously, I’m a horrible critic so don’t take my word for it. What I can tell you though, this album has serious chops.
  • Rating: 9 scientologists out of 10 cults

Jordan Klassen on Bandcamp

Jordan Klassen on Youtube

Jordan Klassen on Facebook

Jordan Klassen on iTunes

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