GRAB-BAG MUSIC REVIEW: From The Charts – “Moon Hooch”

The Grab-Bag Music Review is an attempt to take the band-wagon effect out of reviewing. We have completely and randomly chosen an artist and their album from the radio charts, listened to it, and reviewed it. We hope that you, the reader, will use the College Radio Charts to find music the same way!

Disclaimer: The following review was not written by a music critic but instead by a person with a love for music, but an untrained ear. A perplexing critique is most likely what follows from a staff member of the College Radio Charts.

Moon Hooch

The cover for Moon Hooch’s self-titled album.

Today’s grab-bag comes by way of #188 on the radio charts. Admittedly, as I scrolled down the music chart with no aim, I chose “Moon Hooch” to review simply because of their name — it is a fantastic band name. “Hey dude, want to go get hooched up at the Moon Hooch show tonight?!” It is just too perfect. When I turned on the album, it was the last thing I expected and also one of the reasons why I love college radio: every group, no matter how weird or experimental, gets a pretty equal shot at doing well. Without any recon done on the band, I can tell you that I hear a baritone sax, tenor sax (I think), and percussion. That’s it and that’s all. So yeah, this group probably won’t be collaborating with Pitbull anytime soon, but they’re pushing the boundaries and it is super fun.

  • Best Way to Describe Moon Hooch: Kenny G. takes testosterone, a speedball, and acid. With a baritone sax, the most sensual of the wind instruments, laying down what would typically be the bassline in a traditional band but with more versatility here, the tenor saxophonist tears it up in what seems to be the equivalent of a non-stop guitar solo throughout all 14 tracks. It is like the experimental jazz version of 80’s glam-rockers Poison.
  • What Activity Would I Be Doing if Moon Hooch Were My Soundtrack: I think I most imagine myself in a 50’s-type jazz nightclub, but in the modern day. Smoke twirls, stagnated in the air. This saxophone-driven band version of Allen Ginsberg gets up on stage, 2 saxophones and drums, and just starts freestylin’. The crowd loves it. The cacophony drives everyone into a frenzy, banging on the stage and yelling. Some of the audience just sits back and watches the musical theater.
  • Favorite Track: “Number 1” (which is actually track #11 on the album). This track kind of came out of the blue but was a great mix-up from the rest of the album. It has a happy, melodic vibe that isn’t on the rest of the album. It gets my feet a-flutter.
  • Final Thoughts: Moon Hooch is a unexpectedly fun and versatile record and while this writer’s personal tastes don’t typically seek out this genre of music, I was thoroughly satiated. I was surprisingly soothed by the chaos created by such an odd arrangement of instruments. It was like in the movie Twister where the dude ties himself to a pipe with a belt and that saves him from the tornado. Moon Hooch is my metaphorical belt in this crazy music world.
  • Rating: 8 cows flying across 10 windshields

Moon Hooch’s self-titled album on iTunes

Moon Hooch’s Website

Moon Hooch on Bandcamp

Moon Hooch on Facebook

Moon Hooch on Twitter

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