GRAB-BAG MUSIC REVIEW: From The Charts – “Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds”

The Grab-Bag Music Review is an attempt to take the band-wagon effect out of reviewing. We have completely and randomly chosen an artist and their album from the radio charts, listened to it, and reviewed it.

Disclaimer: The following review was not written by a music critic but instead by a person with a love for music, but an untrained ear. A perplexing critique is most likely what follows from a staff member of the College Radio Charts. 

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds' new album is "Haunted Head"

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds’ new album is “Haunted Head”

At #61 this week on the Weighted Top 30 College Radio Charts, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds captured 319 points for their album “Haunted Head.” With no previous knowledge of this band, I can reasonably say this was a successful foray into a genre of music I would not usually find myself if it weren’t for randomization of our picking process. I will now attempt to break down the album into bulleted points.

  • First Thoughts: “Oh, this is great: an avant-garde, surf-rock version of the Black Keys. Let’s keep this vibe rolling.”
  • Halfway Thoughts: “A bit meandering now. This music is serving good background music to my internet surfing addiction. Not a great sign, but it could be much worse. I could be saying that it serves as good background music in an elevator or dentist office. There are some interesting detours on the album that pull me away from these .gifs of goats, particularly the bizarre anthem in “Let’s Go” with its hypnotizing organ.”
  • Favorite track: “Dance Me Swamply” (Track 11). I want to put on my lettermen’s sweater to take my girlfriend to make-out point in my ’67 Mustang, twirl her in the glimmering lights of the city, and talk about the fact that we don’t have much longer to live because it is only a matter of time until zombies find us up here. “Let’s enjoy these fleeting moments we have.” I deem this track beautifully apocalyptic.
  • Least Favorite track/pretentious-music-review-rant: “Lady Hawke Blues” (Track 7).  If I wanted to hear four minutes of drowsy mingling with some background music, I’d go to a party with some accountants during tax season.
  • Movie Soundtrack This Group Should Be Included In: Pulp Fiction
  • Final Thoughts: Definitely worth a listen and definitely deserving of the radio play it is getting.  There is lots of interesting experimentation in this record but not enough to dissuade a casual listener.  And with what seems like an inane amount of soft, fleeting indie-rock bands in the past decade, it is good to hear some old-fashioned rock-n-roll guitars and a sound that won’t leave me sleepy.
  • Rating: 7 Dolphins out of 10 Tuna Cans

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds on Facebook

Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds on Twitter

Listen to “Haunted Head” on Spotify


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