CRC Spotlight: Utah State University’s AGGIE RADIO!


TOBIN KNIGHT – Music Director

What is your role at Aggie Radio? How did you come to work there?
Aggie Radio is a very young station. It began in 2010 when 4 undergraduates used their own money and equipment to set up a tiny mixer and radio relay with the help of Utah Public Radio. Today, it’s a completely student-run and funded radio station with 30+ DJs.  I was introduced to College Radio 2 years ago when the Station Manager (one of the founding members of the station) told me I should apply for the MD position. I’ve always been crazy passionate about music, so I was super stoked for the opportunity to be exposed to college radio music on a daily basis and I really enjoy talking to all these promoters every week.

What is the best thing about working in non-commercial radio for you?
What I love most about non-comm music is just that; that it isn’t commercial. I feel that college radio music has much more substance to it. It’s much more dynamic than commercial radio which often feels so hallow and static.  I absolutely love being a part of this educational force, exposing people to new music that is just so awesome! It makes me feel so good when students walk up to me during or after a show and ask about the artists they heard on air, because they want to check out the rest of their music.

Being in college radio, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the current state of the music industry from your perspective.

There exists this rich source of new, fresh music from breaking artists through College Radio like our station. This is exactly why I believe people should tune in frequently so they can become familiar with this new music. There have been so many times when people have realized how cool college radio is just by tuning in here. They just didn’t know this source of music existed before outside of commercial radio. The music really is just so much better.

What are your post-collegiate musical plans? Do you plan to stay in the music industry?

I’m a geology student so most likely, after graduation, I’ll be pursuing a job in the energy industry. However, after attending CMJ last year, there was a 2 week period where I seriously considered working in Radio. So we shall see.

Who are your favorite unknown musical acts that you found while being music director at Aggie Radio?
– Phantogram (my favorite band ever)
– Black Moth Super Rainbow
– Alt-J
– Foals
– Bonobo
– Geographer
– Flume
– Shawn Lee


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